It is hard to think that when the bathrooms were built, they were not treated as a separate room with proper functionality. Looking back in the history we can learn that there were no sophisticated bathroom vanities were treated as an extension of the room. There would be a small table standing in a corner of a room with a bowl of water to wash hands and face, kind of serving the purpose of bathroom vanity. This is understandable as the plumbing was not the part of the construction back then and people would fill buckets of waters to perform the daily tasks. 

The evolution:

 Inventions of the plumbing lead all the changes in the bathroom. In the beginning, there was no proper drainage system so the only option was to empty the collecting bowl by yourself. As time passed during the Victorian era plumbing got advanced and a new style of vanities came into being. During this time, it was believed that it is healthy for women to stay undressed as long as possible and hence, bathrooms Alexandria were given much more importance.  

This theory leads the people to pay more attention to the bathroom, which resulted in a dresser like a bathroom vanity. The evolution to the modern-day vanity began from the wall-mounted china washbasin. Soon as the bathroom was getting more and more important, the simple table like vanities was given more importance and was carved in a shape of furniture to give this particular place more lively appearance. This style of sink has now contemporary essence and has several various contrasting designs that are creatively made to complement the unique interior of the bathroom in the modern-day.

Modern-day bathroom:

 Unlike old days bathrooms are considered as a separate room with some specific purposes. There are various beauty routines one does in the bathroom now. Nowadays, bathroom vanities are designed to be highly functional and hence, upon inspecting a bathroom that we have now one would find a number of the storage compartment to keep various products and towels inside. Each area of the bathroom today is defined and designed to be extremely functional and to keep it healthy and calming at the same time.  

Diving deep into the designing of today, various contrasting styles and designs are in the market and hence one can choose accordingly. Some people choose to go classic and choose the old rich Victorian style and some people love to stay all modern and choose to go all modern and chic and choose the minimalist furniture.

The reason why people mostly today are bending towards the contemporary furniture style bathroom is that it is easy to take care of the new simple furniture with curves and straight-up 90-degree angles in it, which not only makes the bathroom look chic but, also gives it an open and breathable appearance.