House is a main way of living. Without houses we would have nowhere to live. We would be simply hunted by an animal or killed by some other person if didn’t have a form of living. We have houses to live, a law in which our rights are protected, the one who violate the law would be punished for his actions. Previously in dark times people were used to live very harsh. They had resources but it was difficult to use it because of lack of new technology and machine thus the people were skilled more than we are now. The dark times had arrangements in groups. People lived in small units each unit combine with each other to form bigger units, then the bigger units rule over the other small units and all the people choose the best person among themselves to be the leader to lead the unit to stability and protect them from other units. So this is how government came into order and way of living started and keep developing day by day. The houses were constructed and people started their form of life.

In past years, purchasing houses was very difficult, people had to go and deal the owner of share accommodation in Geelong themselves and they had to cover long distances if they want a house. In order to find one it was very difficult. People had to go and search everywhere then only they finally found houses and the risk of fraud was also high. So for the benefit of the people there are real states. The real states have all information about the houses, they make a deal of house through them, and so both the dealer and the seller are connected to each other through the real estate agent. The real states also reduced the chance of fraud for the house, fake documents and stolen lands can create a problem for you, when you buy a house once you buy it. But the real estate agents are expert and have a copy of all documents of house so they make sure that the people are not fraud. The real estate works when a person wants to sell a house and contact a real estate for selling it and the one who want to buy house will contact the real estate if he is interested in the house so he will buy it through the real estate.

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