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Trends For Your Shiny Locks This Summer

Trends For Your Shiny Locks This Summer

When it comes to the colder days you would rather hide under layers of clothing and stay indoors. But come spring and summer you want your best self out there and that counts your locks as well. No longer do you have to hide your long or short tresses under a beanie or a cap. And winter is not very kind to your skin and your tresses as well leaving them dry and unsatisfactory. But, come the hot weather there are many new cuts in the marker and ne up do’s that can really make your strands look great.

Let’s look at what’s taking centre stage this spring. Healthy is a trend: rather than going for expensive cuts or colours most people are opting for a healthy look for their locks as well. Any hair stylist would also recommend different ways to maintain healthy and shiny hair. For an example one of the easiest is to make sure that you do not over wash your hair or use too many treatments. Using conditioner on a limited basis is also recommended while drinking plenty of water is a great way to boost your strands. It’s all in the cut: short hair is in as it has been for some time now. Not only does it give you a fresh look, it is easier to manage and healthier as well. Most people prefer to cut the drying edges to keep their cut looking fresh. But experts are of the view that having a sleek cut professionally done will help style it easily. Go right here to find out more details.

They also recommend natural sir drying of hair and using your fingers to scrunch it or twirl certain sections to give bounce and shape to the cut. Up -up Pony: the classic pony tail seems to never go out of fashion. They are great for hot weather and can be added for casual or even evening party looks. The higher the pony, the trendier it is as you hairdresser Surry Hills will no doubt suggest. But this look only creates a stir if you have a great volume of hair. But if you do not, not to worry you can get the same look with some added extensions. Experts also recommend using some hairspray before you tie it up as it will stay in place better. Statement your hair: showing your creativity and flair is on the rise with many people attempting to stand out in the crowd by adding bows or many different types of pins or jewels in their hair. What is great about this style is that you can simply do this makeover at home by simply adding several simple pins on your hair in intricate patterns. They are both equally great for long or short hair as well.

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