The train is one of the easiest ways to travel. Also, it is considered as public transport as well. However, before talking about the engine or even the station at all. You must first understand how exactly are the train tracks built. After all, trains need tracks to go on, right? Metal is one of the most common raw materials that are used for a considerable number of things and yet, train tracks are built using this particular material too.


The biggest property of steel is that it is great in formability and that it is also long-lasting. As a matter of fact, this raw material is strong and also a very good conductivity (which reduces the flow of electricity) So, on a rainy day nothing can go wrong. The biggest factor is that it has a very high effect on corrosion.


This raw material can be used in any condition. As a matter of fact, this particular metal can either be bent into shape at an incredible heat. Also, it can be hammered into shape at 150°C. This is also a great conductor which is important for rail companies to use it in their construction.


Aluminium is strong, and it is a corrosion free metal. This is also light-weight and a conductivity too. This can be a great way to stretch as well. As this has ductility it can be used in the construction of a railroad. This metal is also considered to be water-resistant.

How are rail lines constructed?

Rail lines are built by using different material such as steel, zinc and even plastic. However, train tracks must be built with a sense of a possible heaviness so that it can carry the weight of the train and its passengers. Therefore, there are built using a hot rolled steel in the shape of an “I beam” As railway rails are needed to bear high stress there is supposed to be rail maintenance in a very particular method. It is also important that the manufactures understand the properties of the materials which they use in construction.

How to get the best from these materials?

Just as much as making something out of the metal. You must ensure to keep it properly maintained or else there can be problems as well. Today, there are many mishaps on the road on the railways due to the fact of careless construction. That is why it is important for the railway workers to do the job properly or else face the consequences.